By Hellen Wong | 17 February 2022 | 0 Comments

LENVII-A leader in wearable barcode scanners 

The wearable barcode scanner is the leader of the barcode industry in the future. Operating costs of many companies continue to rise, including employee salaries, rising product costs, and profits being severely compressed; in order to save expenses and gain profits, companies will reduce labor costs, and will also purchase robots and portable products to maintain operations. For example, a large supermarket needs to sort out the invoicing and inventory every day. In the past, the scene of carrying a computer and sitting in the warehouse with a barcode scanner is now completely replaced by a small wearable mini barcode reader. It can work offline, even beyond the range of wireless or Bluetooth, and the large-capacity storage space allows staff to scan at A, and then export barcode data at B. Convenient and fast! In the next ten years, LENVII will develop and innovate the most convenient and high-performance barcode scanning products, contributing to the careers of small and medium-sized enterprises around the world! With you, With LENVII.

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