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Here are all kinds of office equipment you need.
We are specializing in sells barcode printers, receipt printer, barcode scanners, POS machines, doorbells, money counting and office supplies. Register our own brands in the EU, the United States, India, Japan and other countries. Provide pre-sale consultation and comprehensive after-sales service.Facing the world, recruiting agents, national and regional general agents.

Company  five competitive advantages
1. 20 years of sales and service experience in this industry.
2. Have strong after-sales service capabilities. Each customer can be taught to use our products through the Internet and communicate seamlessly with customers.
3. In North America, the European Union, India, and Japan have registered their own brands, so that products can penetrate into the territory of customers, in order to better serve customers.
4. Innovate 2-5 new products every year to give customers a better sense of experience and strengthen the stickiness with customers.
5.At Ali International Station, accurate product matching can be provided for more high-end customers.
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